The hush of the forest, the rush of rapids,
the simple pleasure of a great beer...

Farm Brewery Expansion Celebration

With the help of our good friends and fellow NYS Farm Brewers we are beginning our "Farm Brewery Expansion Celebration!!" Due to our growth and the increased demand on our time we must curtail our current brewing production at our Shady Avenue location to grow into our new facility on Trinity Ave.

To help us keep pouring great beers in our taproom we reached out for a helping hand. Good Nature Brewing in Hamilton, NY, NEDLOH Brewing in Bloomfield, NY and Climbing Bines in Seneca Lake, NY have all happily agreed!

Over the next several weeks we will be featuring their wonderful craft beer alongside our hand crafted ales in the taproom. Please stop in and check out how cool it is that fellow brewers support each other!

Stay tuned for other news about our progress!

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The Mission of BarkEater Craft Brewery is to revive the days when every village had its own artisanal brewery. Where tradition & pride were combined with the finest quality ingredients and an artistic touch to create ales of the highest quality, depth, flavor, and freshness.
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