BarkEater Craft Brewery, LLC is a NYS Farm Brewery located in Lowville, NY. Offering Hand-crafted, Small Batch Ales brewed on location using all natural, locally grown ingredients & served fresh in our relaxing taproom. The BarkEater name was very carefully chosen to embody the spirit of this dynamic region of wild Adirondack Mountains, Tug Hill Plateau and the beautiful river valleys that they create. "BarkEater” is an English translation of the Mohican word “Adirondack,” a term the Mohawk once used for Algonquian-speaking tribes who were said to eat the inside of the bark of the white pine when food was scarce. The Adirondack mountains were given their name in 1838.

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The Mission of BarkEater Craft Brewery is to revive the days when every village had its own artisanal brewery. Where tradition & pride were combined with the finest quality ingredients and an artistic touch to create ales of the highest quality, depth, flavor, and freshness.
5411 Shady Avenue
Lowville, NY
(315) 775-8959‬

Taproom Hours
By Appointment Only